BROTHERS was the first narrative series about a group of trans male friends to not only feature the stories of transgender men, but also to cast trans actors in the main roles. The show follows four transguys navigating life and love in Brooklyn, NY and touches on a few of the many issues that face transgender individuals - healthcare, dating, dysphoria, homophobia, identity and more.

In Season 1, (currently on Vimeo On Demand and Amazon Prime), the series’ main character Jack recently started sleeping with a cisgender man after exclusively dating women. His friend Davyn proposed to his long time girlfriend, Amy, with disastrous results. Aiden, the youngest of the group, pre-testosterone and pre-surgery, tried to raise money for his upcoming top surgery, but was thwarted at the last minute. And Max, the eldest, has been on hormones longer than both Jack and Davyn, but hasn’t had the financial resources to obtain his top surgery.

In Season 2, Jack is still struggling with his sexual identity, Max is living through the hell of online dating, Davyn has fled his disastrous relationship (and New York) and Aiden has plummeted down a rabbit hole of addiction and depression. The core group has shifted and fractured and the BROTHERS are no longer one happy family. Along with a host of new characters, the guys find out whether testosterone is actually thicker than blood.

BROTHERS Screening and Q&A

Screen all episodes of BROTHERS Series and have a discussion with the creator and producer about creating trans-focused content in the current media landscape.

Emmett Jack Lundberg is a filmmaker and writer. His series BROTHERS, which released its eight episode first season in 2014, was named one of indieWIRE’s 10 Best Indie TV Series of 2014. Lundberg’s first feature screenplay, was a Semi-Finalist for Coppola’s Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest, a second round pick for the Sundance Screenwriting Lab and a Finalist for the Columbus/Vague Award. Finding Masculinity, an anthology of trans masculine essays that Lundberg co-edited and contributed to was published by Riverdale Avenue Books in May 2015 and won a silver medal at the Independent Publisher's Awards in 2016.

Photograph taken by Zachary Zirlin Photography

Sheyam Ghieth is a Middle Eastern-American queer filmmaker who is primarily interested in bringing to light stories of previously underrepresented communities. She speaks some languages fluently and can get by in various others. Born in Egypt, she has lived in Zimbabwe, Sudan, Germany, Italy and Louisiana. 

Sheyam has worked on feature films including Still Alice, The Bourne Legacy, Sex and the City 2, and Side Effects, as well as television shows such as Gossip Girl, Orange Is The New Black, The Americans, The Path, and The Mysteries of Laura

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