Outreach and Collaboration Internship Application

 About The Change Project

The Change Project is a national LGBTQ arts and advocacy organization that elevates the voices of LGBTQ people through supporting queer communities in under-resourced areas of the US. Our signature program is to help change the world by producing t-shirts & apparel. The driving force behind our t-shirt production is to employ LGBTQ artists, organizers, and activists to support them and their work. We also utilize this platform to fundraise for other world changing organizations that meet the criteria of our passion on how to change the world. What’s so special about The Change Project? We make some of the most creative & fashion forward t-shirts on the market.  We are a young non-profit composed of smart, driven teammates committed to constantly improving our work.  We seek to maintain and grow a strong team that prioritizes the needs of our donors and the people we serve in a personable and efficient way.


  • Outreach and Collaboration Interns are tasked with connecting The Change Project to other organizations with similar missions, and will be involved in every step of the partnership process.

  • Interns will research non-profits in a their area and surrounding communities to identify potential partners who are also align with the overall values of The Change Project.

  • Interns will also be main point of contact between The Change Project and other progressive organizations. Interns will be guided in how to navigate these conversations, and in doing so will learn how to align missions of non-profits on a professional level.

  • Interns are expected to take initiative in every aspect of this process and will have the ability to guide The Change Project toward collaborations, but will be supported/instructed throughout.

  • Interns must uphold the values of The Change Project professionally and personally

Skills & Qualifications

  • Desired applicants are both research-minded and confident in interpersonal relationship building.

  • Applicants must be self-motivated. Interns will check-in regularly and be supported by the staff of The Change Project, but you will ultimately be responsible for the success of a collaboration.

  • Organization is crucial to finding partnerships and maintaining accurate, effective communication.

  • Interns have the responsibility to build relationships with other organizations, while making real connections between the mission of TCP and the mission of fellow organizations.

  • Creativity is highly encouraged in this position. Preferred candidates understand the importance of lateral partnerships, with organizations that directly or  indirectly serve similar communities as TCP.

Location: This position can be filled remotely by any junior or senior undergraduate student who is selected. The Change Project is based out of Nashville, Tennessee, but will accept applications across the US.

Position: Part-time, 10 - 15 hours per week, with $50 weekly stipend. Position is for late Spring 2019. We are looking for candidates to have a start date of early March, depending on Spring Break availability, and will last for 3 months.

Additional Compensation: Interns who secure collaborations with other organizations and see the process through to the end will be compensated for a successful partnership. Compensation will be dependant on the structure of the partnership.

Timing: Applications due February 13th, 2019. Start date is either first or second week of March, 2019.

Next Steps: We want interns to leave their mark, to find partnerships with organizations determined to improve people’s lives in a meaningful way. It is up to the intern to not only find these organizations, but to also find ways both organizations can support each other and grow. If this is something you excel at, we would love to hear from you! E-mail applications@embodyprogress.org a 1-page PDF document discussing what you know about The Change Project’s mission and/or work, and how this could grow from partnerships, as well as a resume. Please do not list organizations TCP should collaborate with - we are more interested in understanding your process, what you would look for, and a confident understanding of the work The Change Project does across the country.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to every submission, however if you are selected to move forward, you will be contacted for a phone interview. Thank you for taking the time to apply!!