The Change Project has created a new and comprehensive story collecting campaign called Faces of LGBTQ America. Beautiful portraits paired with the stories will be curated in an online collective, and in physical form. Faces of LGBTQ America creates a dialogue about the intersectional nature of LGBTQ identities. By sharing the stories of LGBTQ people from all walks of life including rural and/or low-income backgrounds, we create an online community of support in those communities that will better serve those struggling to come out, or simply learn more about LGBTQ identities. Click here to view the online gallery.


Shop Progress is a fundraising program of The Change Project. We believe that advocacy should be affordable and effective in its messaging. We have created a shop for people to buy screen printed shirts, bags, hoodies and more for affordable prices with a powerful message. All items are screen printed by the staff of The Change Project. Click here to shop the current collection.

IAMHIV seeks to work toward the end of stigma by engaging people living with and affected by HIV in a viral photo campaign. This campaign intends to give a face to the virus - the familiar face of "everyday people just like you." AIDS Alabama and The Change Project believe the best way to combat stigma is through visibility. This unique partnership allows the campaign to become viral in 7 of the states with the highest HIV rates in the country. These states are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Click here to support this campaign.